Friday, September 13, 2013

Leaving Taipei

Corrina's flight to Hong Kong was close to our flight to Qingdao. That worked out well. It was so nice of her to fly out and see me. I wished we lived in the same city, or at least the same time zone!

We packed, cleaned up the place, and while Mom was wrapping things up, Corrina and I went downstairs to have concierge call us a cab.

Goodbye apartment! That place served us really well. Many thanks to Auntie Luo for offering it to us.

It was a comfortable ride to CKS airport along the newly-built highway. Corrina hung out with us at the food court in the departure section of Terminal 1 until we had to leave... how sweet!

She also bought a TON of food for all of us to eat.

And there I go rhyming again with a beat. Is it just me?

That girl is so freakin' considerate it kills me sometimes!

I was sad to have to say goodbye (sad!), but once I got myself a latte at Starbucks inside the terminal, I felt better (happy!).

Thank God for Starbucks I tell you.

It's been a source of great comfort throughout all of my travels over the years, including and especially this one.

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