Monday, September 16, 2013

In Qingdao - Day 4 - 下午

On the way back to the hotel, we went to Carrefour (again... ?!) to get lunch, their yummy bread, bottles of water, and fruit for tomorrow’s second road trip to Pingdu. Carrefour has an impressive array of fresh breads, Chinese buns, steamed dumplings, and more!

We putzed around until 4pm when we finally got ourselves out the door to check out the Qingdao Beer Museum. Get this. Concierge was unable to get us a cab! Apparently drivers change shifts every day between 4pm-6pm and are basically n/a.

Are you for REAL... ?!

We could have taken the bus, but we would be hitting rush hour traffic. And traffic in Qingdao SUCKS at this time. So what did we do instead? We went BACK to Carrefour! This time to buy a nice gift for our driver for all his troubles. Lord have mercy on my poor soul... !

Mr. Guo called us in the afternoon to see if we needed anything and to also invite us to dinner. How nice of him! He and Mr. Jia came to pick us up and took us to the China Community Art and Culture Hotel on Minjiang Road, also a lovely road. Prior to the trip, I had looked into that hotel as well and almost booked it.

They had live performances – Chinese opera, a changing faces dance, a musician who played seven different instruments, and more - and it was nice to have a local perspective. Like, I had to ask if drunk driving is a problem, given this city's signature beer-making history. Apparently it's a non-issue. The laws are very strict and enforcement tight. If you get caught driving drunk, yer going to jail!

Dinner included clams, shrimp, pig’s feet, intestine lettuce wrap with garlic, and rice noodles with onion strips. It was lovely!

We got back to the hotel around 9:30pm and went BACK out to get more bottles of water! Are we totally disorganized today or what? At least Carrefour was closed by then, thank God!

We went down the underpass which Mom didn't care for and opted for the 7-11 instead of Ke Hao, the local competition. Brand recognition... what can I say? I tried to pay 15 yuan at the counter using 15 jiao and even waited for my change of 1 yuan. Mom and I laughed so hard!

I seem to keep doing this a LOT. No wonder people keep looking at me funny! It's not just because I'm funny lookin'... !

Earlier at Starbucks, I tried to pay with this. In disbelief, the cashier showed it to her colleague because apparently it is no longer in circulation. I probably got it in the 90's on my first trip to China. They insisted that it had no value, but I took it back anyway.

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