Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Pingdu - Day 5 - 花生!

We were having such a good time at lunch that by the end of it, Big Ocean wanted us to stay with them overnight and have Johnny drive Gupoh back to Qingdao. He wasn't being polite either. He meant it!

A million thoughts raced through my head because, well how cool would THAT have been?

But it would have been most inappropriate to send Gupoh (and Johnny) off like that, not to mention the logistics involved in getting back to Qingdao. I don't know... I still have mixed feelings about it.

Big Ocean is quite the stud, is he not? "A man's kind of man who farms his own land." I love it when I rhyme like that!

The time had come to say goodbye. Johnny drove 老老爺 back to his village - I mean, OUR village! - while the rest of us returned to Big Ocean's house to gather our things.

The village is so cool... and PEACEFUL. Mom and I both got the feeling that 表舅 and 表舅媽 lead happy lives.

Wygoon and Wypoh's old house in Taiwan looks very similar to houses here - an open structure with a courtyard in the middle and separate rooms for different purposes. Did they essentially recreate their lives as they knew it back in China? I wondered.

Back in the courtyard, 表舅媽 insisted on giving us a big 'ole bag of peanuts to take back to the U.S. How awesome is that?!

It was an endearing moment when 表舅 and 表舅媽 walked us to the car, for they both leaned into the passenger side and waved goodbye with big warm smiles.

It was really cute.

They are a happy couple.

And once again, I regret not taking a picture!

Coming to 李家樓 not knowing a soul and discovering both Wypoh AND Wygoon's relatives was really incredible! Just think... we are related to everyone in this photo.

I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. Or as Mom explained in an email that she sent to me after we got back:

不 means no.

虛 means in vain.

此 means this.

行 means walk, trip, etc.

不虛此行 means this trip is not in vain. Or this trip is well worth going.

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